About Vierra

Following in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a 2nd generation female DJ, Vierra Vibe has the unique experience of having turntables around her whole life, which allowed her to be technically trained at a young age. While others are introduced to the DJ culture, She was born into it. “It is not a skill that I have, because of my mother, it’s who I am.” Mixing her love for both music and fashion, she has created a platform that showcases her skills spinning at high-profiled fashion, corporate, nightlife, festivals and charity events. Getting her start as the co-host and DJ for “2 UP Radio”, the #1 online radio show in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vibe has quickly become one of California’s premier female DJ. By being music savvy and following her soulful, funky, feel-good instincts, she creates a different atmosphere that is culturally diverse and uplifting, which has taken her talents to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Vierra Vibe creates an upscale ambiance by combining her exotic model appearance with her alluring sounds and enchanting energy. Known for her versatility and ability to experiment with various musical genres, this Bohemian Chic turntablist uniquely leaves those in the presence of her vibes, captivated and awaiting more.